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Here is the digital illustration of chess players playing chess online in a small business network team. The image represents small business owners with a common interest in chess, using it as a medium for networking and generating business leads. The futuristic colors and elements emphasize the digital and innovative aspect of their connection.


Enhancing Global Business Networking Through Online Chess: A Strategic Plan


Embarking on a novel venture, I, Freddie Snijman, aim to establish an online chess group within the vast realm of—an open-source platform. Beyond the pursuit of individual chess excellence, the primary objective is to leverage chess as an engaging platform to foster and expand our business network, generating quality referrals.This comprehensive plan outlines the strategy to unite chess enthusiasts across the globe under the umbrella of our online business network chess group.

Leveraging Platform (Click to register)

What Is stands as a premier open-source online chess platform, emphasizing accessibility and collaboration. We'll utilize its capabilities to connect and engage with our business network globally.

The Registration Process

To commence this journey, we encourage all existing chess players within our international business network to join and apply on the platform—an open-source platform that also does not require membership fees. Once registered, kindly provide me, Freddie, the convener of this chess group, with your usernames for future online tournaments exclusively among business network players.

Administration and Events

Organizing Team Events

Under our dedicated network chess group name, I will periodically administer team events on the platform. This facilitates a unique avenue for business professionals worldwide to connect, strategise, and compete. You don't need to wait for our events, keep on playing chess where and when ever.

Visitor Engagement

Registered players within our global business network can extend invitations to visitors, provided they are members. The visitor's username should be shared with the group administration for seamless integration.

Network Growth and Referrals

Expanding Contacts

Inviting visitors to participate in chess games acts as a catalyst for expanding our international business network contacts, with the ultimate goal of generating valuable referrals.

Rating System

Highlighting the platform's automatic rating system, we ensure fair matchups during team competitions. This adds an element of competitiveness to our online chess endeavors.

Additional Incentives

Sponsorships and Prizes

Informing applicants that we may secure sponsorships for winning prizes enhances the appeal of our chess group. Monthly formal team competitions further elevate the stakes.

Communication Channel

Utilizing a WhatsApp group for seamless communication ensures that all members stay connected, share updates, and coordinate effectively. We prevent politics, gospel, spam, scam and other non related chess subjects. We simply play chess and arrange face to face or online meetings with the clear goal of business networking.

Registration and Member Information

Submission Process

Once a chess player is registered with, they are required to submit their name, surname, email, cell number, and business network chapter information. This submission form is available online on Freddie's existing chess blog:

Rules and Regulations

Fair Play Policy

In adherence to fair play principles, cheating is strictly prohibited. will deactivate cheating chess players on their platform—this is serious business! It is imperative that all participants uphold the integrity of the game. In addition, never just leave an unfinished game by letting time run out! JUST RESIGN!

Future Rules

Please note that more rules and regulations may be introduced in due course to ensure a fair and enjoyable online chess experience for all members.

Global Advertisement

Worldwide Reach

This chess group can be advertised worldwide between business network chapters, extending our reach beyond South Africa. We welcome international collaboration and participation.

Financial Considerations

No Membership Fees

Emphasizing that there are no mandatory fees for joining our chess group, and is an open-source platform without membership fees.

Optional Contribution

While membership is free, we welcome members to express their appreciation by contributing the cost of a coffee ($3) to support administrative efforts voluntarily.


This comprehensive plan provides a roadmap for the establishment and growth of our online business network chess club/group on a global scale. From the application process to participation in team events, we aim to make every step clear and accessible for our business network members around the world.


Q: How do I join the online chess group?

A: Simply register on and provide your username to Freddie, the group convener.

Q: Is there a fee to join

A: No, membership is entirely free, and is an open-source platform without membership fees.

Q: Can I invite non-members to play chess?

A: Yes, as long as the visitor is a registered member, share their username with the administration.

Q: How are team competitions organized?

A: Freddie will periodically administer team events, fostering teamwork and competition.

Q: Are there prizes for winning?

A: Yes, we aim to secure sponsorships for winning prizes, enhancing the excitement of our chess group.

Q: How can I contribute to the administration?

A: While not mandatory, you can support the administration by voluntarily buying a $3 coffee.

Step1: Now that you have registered on, submit your final information here below :

Step 2: Business Network Chess Group Registration
Step 3: Only $3, thank you! (Not mandatory!)
Step 4: Just play chess and network (Don't spam!)